Below are my carefully-selected, scrutinized health products sold only through health care providers and that require a consultation before sale. By using this site/page, you agree to ask your primary care provider about these items before using them and you accept the FTC/FDA-required disclaimer above the horizontal page bar on the left. YOU MUST have a consult with me by some means to clear you to safely use these items, and, if I do not find your information on my client list, I will not be able to process your order.

I sell these items for a small profit through my retail company, Haussler Nutritionals, because it is standard practice for these types of advanced products (by dosage or ingredients) not sold in ordinary retail stores. Additionally, these items are not supposed to be sold through online e-tailer venues, where one may find knock-off, repackaged, or nearly out-of-date items that may appear similar to and/or be cheaper than these or actually be the same products distributed illicitly. Moreover, I can attest to/be certain of my storage conditions(temperature, light, humidity, shelf duration) because of my "Institutional Drug Room Log Form" experience as an RN, when clients purchase products from me.  These are my reasons for operating my professional retail in this manner, and I am not coercing anyone to buy items from me in our freemarket economy. because I pay shipping also included in my prices, I actually profit less than half the amount of the stated retail price amount, also factoring in that these professional-line companies do not allow discounts/inflations of prices beyond certain market fluctuations that would harm their brands. I lose profits on some monthly prices due to 5-week months, because some products are sold in weekly amounts. All sales are one-time monthly supply sales. Haussler Nutritionals does collect/pay TN Sales/Use Taxes. Of course, I will disclose upon consultatino the brands, ingredients, risks/benefits of these exact products for you to do your own research and discuss with your primary care provider as already agreed. I do this nutritional service to protect the public from certain retail venues/brands, to educate patients as an expert preventing drug-supplement interactions, adverse reactions.

Again, this is not a shoppping mart, and you may not order items below without communicating with me first both for your safety and for me to maintain the ability to buy these items for my clients.

Thanks for your time/interest in visiting my site and your confidence in me in the future, Trevor

Weight Management Supplements (Mthly) Packages (Taxes auto-applied as required)

#1  Lipo Pills$32  # 2 B12SublingualSpray(either of two items)$50       #3 B12spray/appetiteitem$72                   #4LipoPills/DailyPkts$120

Note:Pkg#2 can be either B12 spray with coffee bean/raspberryketones OR B12+Guarana; #4 can substitute protein powder for daily diet plan pkts if ingredients are contraindicated similar as #2 compares/chooses guarana vs. coffee's caffeine.

Oculoprotectant/Eye Supplements (Mthly) Packages (Taxes auto-applied as required)

#1  Teen Screen Eye Health$20        # 2 AdultScreenUseEyeSupport$36          #3 AREDSeyeEFApills$37      #4 OcuProd VitHerbs$44

Note:Pkg#3,4 contain herbs that may thin blood&contraindicate use, contain carrier agents/molecules to target tissues.

Nootropics/Cognitive Supplements (Mthly) Packages (Taxes auto-applied as required)

#1  Phosphatidylserine Pills$34                  # 2 VitHerbBrainProd$36       #3 GinkgoPS,Acetly-L-Carnitine 3bottlz$76   NotSellingBuriedTreasure "AddedLearning" for kids yet as #4 item found in many retail stores.

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