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About Us

Charitable 501c3 Organization For

Human & Planetary Wellness


An adaptive charitable organization, Haussler Wellness Foundation focused on health & wellness, advanced nutritional programs/products/solutions, marginalized/disenfranchised communities, wellness (health, financial, spiritual/emotional) education, disaster prevention/adaptation/relief activities(KY Tornadoes 2021 shown here), wilderness/primitive survival education/skillset development, and advocacy/equity/access in categories of activities listed above- plus those smaller areas of focus that bring good to the world that are not listed herein.

Our founder, Dr. Trevor Smith DC, FNP/RN, HBNBC, FASA and CTA holds four academic degrees with numerous additional certifications/coursework in multiple professions to draw from in planning organizational goals/activities. Futuristic aspects of this organization started long before it began officially with its TN Secretary of State filing date & 501c3 status date of 12/10/2021 at 2:32pm CST- the afternoon before the December 2021 tornado outbreak, which did not come as a complete surprise due both to television coverage and Trevor's prior authored works written months before the weather disasters such as this predictive/anticipatory April 2021 article: Currencies Plan a Tradeable Countertrend Rally ( 

While all projects/programs/services relate to health & wellness, some may have broad cultural or geographic community applicability or may relate to anticipated future societal changes such as elements of this Native American Festival:  PHOTOS: Native American Festival in Moundville (


Thank you for visiting this page, and we are accepting certain project-related donations (disaster relief, food chain related), & we appreciate your interest in Haussler Wellness Foundation linked below!

If you want to hear DJ Trevor, who also performs in various ensembles as a musician, as a guest DJ volunteering to support/share indigenous/world indigenous music & culture in our Nashville community, he is sometimes in middle of other DJ's shows such as this one here: January 3, 2023 – WXNA ( 


RN Heath Education, part of Nursing Texts & my prior retail venue not requiring a supervising physician. Under Haussler Wellness Foundation, health products require health education for risks/benefits information. These statements have not been FDA evaluated and are not intended to diagnose/treat/cure/mitigate any disease/condition, nor is any information contained herein a substitute for proper medical care. Some limitations exist in telemedicine tech. This is not health care but is retail product consults for free products to those who qualify. By using site, you agree to ask your primary care provider before using any product/service/program. 

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