These Official Dr. Trevor Smith Designs (TM) are jewelry items I handcraft that are simple, and involve specially-selected energetic or empowering stones based on natural earth elements. (no medical/health/metaphysical claims made). 

Right: This is my Favorite Custom Piece, complete with my handmade asymmeties and catchlight angles! It is for centering/grounding feelings. I can put many stone types in the encased swirl: natural  or other, diamonds, Swarovski CZ, Moissanite/lab stones, garnet, etc. I can even incorporate oval or marquise stones. It can be two-tone wire or Sterling Silver 0.925. 

Handmade Primitive Card Pouch(deerskin or other), Walnut Button (deer antler or TN Pearl button avail)

Handmade Watch, two-tone (sterling,gold 14k GF). $ call for price!

Below: Square Stone Ring in Sterling Silver

Mystic Topaz Pendant


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