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About The Practice & Dr. Trevor

Practice: Clinical nutrition (supplements/diets) for general health concerns helps improve both adults' and kids' lives by increasing health and energy balance. We will help you reach optimal health & performance. My services are complementary to other providers.

Note: I focus on basic nutrition Food Supplements/Meal Replacements/Shakes/Bars/Enzyme TherapyWeight Control, Nootropics for mental performance, Oculoprotectants for vision health, and Inflammation conditions (On-The-GO Nutrition (including detox, circulatory health) for professional drivers, persons who experience prolonged sitting, active parents with little time for their own nutritional needs and their kids' food prep, hence these supplements), and persons wanting a balance of protein, carbs, fats or better glycemic index products.  

I retail Health Practitioner Brand Products through Haussler Nutritionals that I spend an inordinate amount of time scrutinizing and for little profit (often under $20) instead of charging an office or consult fee, because I believe in these products, in my ability to actually sell them in a proper way complying with Federal, State and Local laws/regulations, showing a balanced view of research for and against use of ingredients. I am protecting the public from some lower-quality retail brands or retail sales staff, misbranded/mislabeled products, from items not stored at proper temperature/humidity conditions, as well as from ingredients requiring California's Proposition 65 Warning s that a dietary supplement contains ingredients known to CA to cause cancer, birth defects or contain lead. I offer 60 days of concierge service phone or telehealth support after each purchase regarding use, herb-drug-food interactions, functional food and dietary seletion to support optimal supplement benefits. Note: by using this site and purchasing items from me, or Haussler Nutritionals, or other retailer of your choice, you have already agreed to the Terms stating that you will check with your primary care provider prior to using any items involving this site or Trevor Smith, FNP.  Again, natural products have saved my life more than once, and this offering of these focused product advice to the public is part of a deep personal, longstanding mission that if you weren't laid up like me in a hospital bed as I was, you simply might not understand. And if this site is not part of your journey, or my system structure bothers you, I want you comfortable and I sincerely wish you peace and harmony on your journey  toward more abundance/wholeness/wellness in your life and am confident that Google can find something else of interest to you to view!

Thank you very much for  your confidence & for visiting my website. 

Trevor Smith, FNP-C, RN, HBN-BC, FASA

About Dr. Trevor Smith

Academic Degrees:

B.Sci Food Science

Doctor of Chiropractic 

Registered Nurse

Master's of Science- Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner

Additional Training/Certifications:

Botanical Nutrition, Homeopathy;

Board Certified in Holistic Nursing 

Telehealth on :

Free, Convenient & Relaxed, Progressive, Time-Preserving!


What You Will Need:

1. Technology- laptop,tablet,mobile phone/phone

2. Any Place for your professional e-encounter

3. Openmindedness for remote telehealth

4. Payment = Paypal for packages 1 or 2, My fee is my profit for product sales at NPScript/Fullscript/Natural Partners or Care.It Fees.

5. Vital Signs Means to Show Me: blood pressure unit with pulse, thermometer, weight scale if able, applicable


Your Rights:

1. To Stop Encounter If You Want

2. To Know Information Security Measures on on Practice Fusion and physical security measures involving my mobilevirtual practice. I have operations, procedure, protocol manuals/processes. 

3. (TN-only) To Request I confirm my Advice from my Supervising Physician(unavailable presently)

4. To Know Origination State is Tennessee

5. To Request Technical Adjustments (sound, light or image quality or to reschedule) for both or 


You benefit from my knowledge base from which I draw from. It is from over $450,000.00 worth of multiple degrees(4)/exoeriences in many years of practice(s). I have had decades-long interests in and experience with natural healing/lifestyled/primitive skills,. I have work experience in integrative pharmacies and private practices in Colorado and Tennessee, as well as writing skills as evidenced by published features articles/textbook excerpts.

My philosophy includes some core beliefs that food sources of nutrients are superior to pill sources, when possible, that people should rotate/cycle on/off supplements as animals vary their food/water sources from migratory patterns, and that low doses can be beneficial, if the right substance is usedin the correct context. You get the reward from my needs to find gentle, non-invasive weight loss, stress reduction, emotional shifting/control, nutritional & energy healing. 

From my own near-death experiences, injuries, empathic orientation, and healing needs, in addition to formal education and scientific background, I intend to help people reach their optimal health unique to each individual using evidence-based natural protocols/therapies.   

Thank you very much in advance for your confidence in me, and I truly consider it an honor to serve you.

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