Provider-Supported Weight Management Program: Instead of going into a facility/office to get weekly shots, this program offers a sublingual version of B12-M.I.C. amino acids and a very mild stimulant as an inherent ingredient in the green coffee bean extract, and the supportive-ingerdient packets help too but with less side effects/risks than with injectables and stimulant controlled substances. Food portion control, food journaling, food combinations, and functional foods are part of the support. $97/month 

(If you want to try the sublingual spray without other supplement packets Buy sublingual spray)

Due to my building my own website through WIX, the only way I can keep a clean, easy way for clients to select products and tap PayPal buttons to pay/order is to link to a different page for each product category. At this point, you have already spoken to me by phone/telehealth video screen and can click on the products/programs we have discussed. Thanks again for your confidence in me. 

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