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These Food Supplements are functional food, whole food, concentrated foods that are basic, nutrient dense, and balanced meal replacements or supplements and part of the food supply/food chain but may have specific health uses (FOSHU such as weight loss.  Additionally, no ingredient in my list upon regular ongoing review requires CA Prop 65 warnings regarding lead, birth defects or cancer, nor are these in my technical opinion as a suplement and homeopathic medicine product formulator appear to have misbranded status, and I offer some assurance/control over product integreity/storage conditions that they are direct sourced according to contracts with these manufacturers (versus illicitly-retailed or e-tailed practitioner brand products on retail sites  likely in breach of contract, a;tered, repackaged, out of date).

The Priobiotic Fiber product by RenewLife provides 5 of the Daily 20 grams of fiber, promoting digestive health and gut balance. It may help appetite by function of being a bulk agent. $20

The Bar Category products are mostly but not exclusively or similar to NuGo or TMRFIT PRO because they avoid "fake chocolate coatings" that alter melting points and mouthfeel, as well as having hexane-free soy ingreients, gluten-free options, organic versions, and they have balanced protein-carbs-fats ratios, have low glycemic index impact, or functional food antioxidant berries. $24,  $42

The Shake Powder products are mostly Prescribed Choice or Designs for Health, although  may vary after free professional consultation with me. These protect the public through hypoallergenicity, or through absence of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or GMO raw material. These may support the GI and immune systems. $49, $53, $77

The Enzyme Therapy product I often suggest has digestive enzymes & is a version of Wobenzyme from Germany that support joint function, optimal immune function, exertion recovery. $56

You may contact me for product support/supportive holistic advice for 60 days post-purchase.

Email/Call me to specify Dark Choc Chip or MochaChoc or Dark Choc Pretzels or Dark Choc Crunch GlutenFree

Due to my building my own website through WIX, the only way I can keep a clean, easy way for clients to select products and tap PayPal buttons to pay/order is to link to a different page for each product category. At this point, you have already spoken to me by phone/telehealth video screen and can click on the products/programs we have discussed. Thanks again for your confidence in me. 

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