My REQUIRED Telehealth Consults on Health Practitioner Brand (retail) products are part of my Programs in 4 Focused Categories(Prices below are estimates if I ship/hand deliver products to you in Mid-TN/KY area; otherwise, click my big, oval wellevate store link button above):

Practitioner-Supported Weight Management (Lipotropic) Program(s) $65 or $95/monthly supply

This protects the public by by replacing weekly injectable lipotropic shot ingredients with sublinguals which reduces risks of infections/injuries from shots, unregistered, out-of-state manufacturers importing injectables into TN; this eliminates weekly office visits but still offers my availability/food journals/portion control&functional food advice/referrals as necessary, reduces needs for EKGs, as these products are not cardiostimulant, vasoconstrictive controlled substances. Free Concierge Teleconsults for product support for up to 60 days after purchase also offer convenience. Buy program (after consultation) either directly from Trevor for Legere Pharmaceuticals items/local area delivery, support service and/or or use online dispensary for similar products.

Practitioner-Supported Vision Health Program(s) $40 monthly supply (plus tax/shipping)

This protects the public by offering practitioner-grade manufactured products for ocular protection with some ingredients in the AREDs studies for visual health. Worldwide, people are exposing their eyes to screens in unhealthy ways. This program offers lifestyle advice on vision health/protection to accompany dietary products. Free Concierge Teleconsults for product support for up to 60 days after purchase also offer convenience.

Practitioner-Supported Cognitive Enhancement (Nootropic) Program(s) $36 or $52 monthly supply (plus tax/shipping)

This program protects the public from reckless use of retail products containing more volatile/reactive ingredients that can easily be inappropriate for seniors or anyone taking medication. After a consultation, I may determine that my products are not safe for client use, too. In addition to the products, I also offer lifestyle habits/choices/supportive functional food information and support to accompany the products and phone support for use for 60 days after purchase.  

Practitioner-Supported  Food/Meal Supplement Program(s) $36-$116 monthly supply (plus tax/shipping)

This program offers advanced food products/supplements/meal replacements to support healthy digestive/immune and overall function. Shakes, bars and other food concentrates can help clients maintain their health amidst more at-home, sedentary work and on-the-go nutritional choices/habits. This protects the public by offering a buffer or reserve health capacity since these products offset the low-nutrient food choices of modern society when nutrient-dense functional-food products are incorporated. Free Concierge Teleconsults for product support for up to 60 days after purchase also offer convenience. 





Further Background Explanation On How/Why This Way:

I use carefully-selected, scrutinized Health Practitioner Brand products sold only through health care providers and that require a consultation before such sale pursuant to multiple distributor contracts. These nutritional companies approve of certain poviders to offer their products through contracts, many of which prohibit me from showing the brands /ingredients/pricing in advance of my free consultations, as that would make me an e-tailer and block my ability to access these products that I have used in professional practice since 1998. Also, website users could go to other retail-based websites and possibly find illicitly-retailed products of similar labelling and lower pricing, the quality, storage, label indications, and other details that create liability for me that I can't readily verify. Please be assured that anyone ordering products through my  company will have fully-informed product label access and decision capability(plus assurance of storage/temp/humidity conditions), and the mere $10-$25 profit I earn from sales before Sales taxes are applied are actually paying me much less than a co-payment for an office visit billing insurance. Furthermore, that low "office fee" equivalent which is a health product research/support fee also allows you to get FREE Concierge service with me by phone anytime for 60 days after purchase- this is >$120/month cost for most primary care providers. You may even be asking why I am giving away my knowledge from 4 related academic degrees for the measly profit from a few vitamins and be also willing to receive support phone calls for 60 days, and spend time to create wellness guidance for each product categorywhen someone in my position should be charging $300/visit?  It is a sense of spiritual mission since 1986 that involved near-death experiences and natural products saving my life and my obligation to give back to humanity by offering these products that I believe in, and it has taken my entire life to offer this telehealth practice here in 2020 in a way that average people could access it. Patients also benefit from this model, because I offer provider support for my products/use/related lifestyle-wellness choices for free for 60 days after any program/product purchase.  Thus, because people who do not understand this type of practice that I retail products may feel I am unethical somehow, but it is the opposite situation- I am protecting the public in many ways from lower-quality products, pirated products, basic or less-educated retailer advice (I hold 4 degrees and numerous certificates) and protecting from any retailer that does not comply with FDA/FTC rules/regulations, By using this site/page, you agree to ask your primary care provider about these items before using them and you accept the FTC/FDA-required disclaimer above the horizontal page bar on the left. YOU MUST have a consult with me by some means to clear you to safely use these items, and, if I do not find your information on my client list, I will not be able to process your order.

I sell these items for a small profit through my retail company, Haussler Nutritionals, because it is standard practice for these types of advanced products (by dosage or ingredients) not sold in ordinary retail stores. Additionally, these items are not supposed to be sold through online e-tailer venues, where one may find knock-off, repackaged, or nearly out-of-date items that may appear similar to and/or be cheaper than these or actually be the same products distributed illicitly. Moreover, I can attest to/be certain of my storage conditions(temperature, light, humidity, shelf duration) because of my "Institutional Drug Room Log Form" experience as an RN, when clients purchase products from me.  These are my reasons for operating my professional retail in this manner, and I am not coercing anyone to buy items from me in our freemarket economy. because I pay shipping also included in my prices, I actually profit less than half the amount of the stated retail price amount, also factoring in that these professional-line companies do not allow discounts/inflations of prices beyond certain market fluctuations that would harm their brands. I lose profits on some monthly prices due to 5-week months, because some products are sold in weekly amounts. All sales are one-time monthly supply sales. Haussler Nutritionals does collect/pay TN Sales/Use Taxes. Of course, I will disclose upon consultation the brands, ingredients, risks/benefits of these exact products for you to do your own research and discuss with your primary care provider as already agreed. I do this nutritional service to protect the public from certain retail venues/brands, to educate patients as an expert preventing drug-supplement interactions, adverse reactions.

Again, this is not a shopping mart, and you may not order items below without communicating with me first both for your safety and for me to maintain the ability to buy these items for my clients.

Thanks for your time/interest in visiting my site and your confidence in me in the future, Trevor

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