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I run a Black SUV, a GMC Acadia, as well as the white VIPrius,both full of luxury that I installed myself. 


I got this 2009 Toyota Prius in August, mostly with the intent to trick it out as a midlife crisis car, placing European style elements in it without buying a European car and saving the Earth with regenerative energy. I hand-shaped and glued on the honey walnut trim, as well as the exterior chrome and Swarovski crystals on the interior/license plate. I am considering starting an interior auto trim business, calling it, "Trevor's Trim." My car has leather interior and Touring-Prius roominess. I have limo pillows for neck or low back support for myself and familymembers/riders, but I am a hypermiler, valuing weight control in the vehicle, and I value smoothness and safety very much.


Images are below and, in development, I am planning to add driving tips, a list of my Nashville Prius Paths, and healthy driving info/wellness tips for drivers; and my Prius cabin air filter and oil are changed regularly, and both vehicles are fully stacked/stocked so that riders feel like royalty.

Prius as of June 2017: More Honey Walnut Trim, Swarovski Crystals, Gold, Limo Seats, Epulse Massage Cushion in Right Rear Position, Disco Lights, Limo Tray Tables. I have an "F"-Endorsement, or "For Hire" Driver's License. Nov. 2017: I made black crocodile floormats with fabric glue!

Sound-Activated Floor Lights!

I bought this 2008 Acadia SLT-2 in 2017 with the intent to trick it out as well. I added chrome trim, limo interior elements, and have additional plans for it.

The fireplace video shown (far right) onscreen overhead is called, "Fireplace. "

The front passenger seat (left) has a neckrest with crystals in a crown formation and is shown here with my portable, rechargeable Shiatsu massage cushion. Shown right, the limo tray table arrived too basic, so I added Swarovski crystals, a brass cameo, a mother-of-pearl disc and some 14K gold trim with jewelry glue! I often stock it with snacks, mints, gum, a stress-relieving squishy shark that lights up, etc.  Below is a crocodile-print floormat I handmade with fabric glue that I'm still working/deciding on.

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