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Hand-Sculpted Rings- On  Sale Now! (Synthetic or Genuine Stones) $18.00

(Reg. Price $18.00, made using one Sterling straight wire, stone/setting, round ring mandrel, chain nose pliers- clean, simple);Birthstone rings are

Not for kids <12, rings MADE WITH SWAROVSKIR ELEMENTS can be safely worn by kids.

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I handcraft each birthstone ring from square wire with twisted ends in the setting's shoulders. I have made only a few; they look handmade- much the same way a live violinist slides into/out of notes' pitches when attacking them sharply or flatly and synthetic violin sounds have to be detuned or made to be out-of-tune to sound human or real.


If you like handmade items, are o.k. with wirecrafted jewelry's infinitely-beautiful asymmetries and nuances, I am discounting these items. My little kids love these!

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IMy flea mkt/farmer's mkt bead ring w/ Austrian Crystals features Sterling wire, twisted for filigreed appearance & pearl crystals

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